Logging & Mining

Logging and Mining

Frick 00 Sawmill Specifications & Drawings

Thanks to Mike Rohrer for his help in providing the raw material for this page from his Frick literature collection.…

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Frick Sawmill at Portland Indiana USA

A semi permanent feature of arguably the worlds biggest vintage machinery show held each year at Portland Indiana USA is the Frick sawmill. The mill is flat belt driven and during the show different motive power is hooked up to drive the mill, mostly steam traction engines are used, but from time to time they hook up a tractor or a stationary engine.

The Frick Eclipse Portable Saw Bench made in the late 1800s and well restored recently to its current condition. This angle shows the blade and tracks on which the log carriage runs.…

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Rosebery Cross-cut Saw Rig or the A-Z of cutting logs

I own a somewhat industrial Rosebery 2C hopper cooled rig with a steel frame saw. I have a selection of blades from 1m (3') through 3m (10') for different sized logs. It is great fun (but seriously hard and dangerous work) to run a sawing operation at a show.

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North Star Mining Museum

The North Star Mining Museum is located in Grass Valley California. I found it when attending an engine show there this year. The items in the museum demonstrate that once upon a time the 'merikans were masters of their domain. There are some interesting engineering achievements located there which I have not seen anywhere else in the world ranging from a simple but amazingly effective variation on the simple water wheel (the Pelton Wheel) to a rotary stamp battery. I found the museum to be very interesting and my kids especially liked the curator who is eager to explain everything to the munchkins and very knowledgeable about the mining and the local area. He has made some of the models in the museum which demonstrate the various concepts. Well worth a visit. Admission is by dontation (suggested $2 per person at the door).…

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