This section is all about photography. There are thousands of photos on this site and I take thousands more each year. Most are never published. I've started this section to cover some of the things I do with photography that are unrelated to this site and to help others and myself learn more about it.

Camera settings - Manual or Auto?

Use The Technology

I am a big fan of using the technology that I have in my hand. I mostly shoot in aperture priority (Av) and when I have a specific reason to do so switch to shutter priority (Tv). Generally I let the camera do the rest.…

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Canon EOS Err 99

I use a Canon EOS 40d DSLR for most of my photography. From time to time I get Err 99. I read a lot about people postulating on what this was. I've an interesting observation, I think it might be related to battery voltage under load.…

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Depth of Field - DOF

When I first acquired my dedicated macro lens I wanted some idea of what it could do. I picked a simple subject which had some depth to it to experiment with the different apertures. The purpose was to learn what the lens could do, how its DOF improved as the aperture opened up and what happened to the colour and other characteristics such as sharpness changes.…

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Colour Management

Today I've started experimenting with X-Rite's Colour Checker Passport. Watched the tutorial and went outside for some test shots. I'm already sold on this beast. I took a shot of the checker after setting white balance based on their card then this flower. I created the "Summer Cloudy" profile in LR3 using their plugin then used that profile to adjust the colours of this photo. The difference is quite amazing. I hope it comes out properly in the world of crappy web colours. Left is from camera, right is corrected.…

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When I offer a critique there are two things I keep in mind - 

I try to work out what the photographers vision was when they created the image and interpret the image based on those thoughts. I write the interpretation as an aid to the photographer so they can see if my interpretation is even close to what they were thinking. This helps them to know if they pulled off an image that will convey their vision.

Secondly and least importantly I look at the technical aspects of the photo - I only comment here if I think that changes would help interpret the vision. Just because something isn't completely sharp or doesn't follow the classical rules - who cares? I don't think that is what is important. 

How you critique is obviously up to you, but you might consider this approach to help you develop your own vision.…

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