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What is the Association of Railway Enthusiasts?
We are a group formed in 1961 to cater for all those who are interested in railways and tram ways. There are almost 1200 members predominantly in Victoria, with others coming from all states of Australia as well as several other countries around the world.…

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To join the society, print this form, fill out the relevant details, then forward it via mail to
The Membership Officer
Association of Railway Enthusiasts Ltd.
GPO Box 4810, Melbourne 3001.

1. Personal Details

Given Name(s)  

2. Choose the Membership Type you wish to apply for

Membership Type Annual Cost
Annual membership, aged 18 and over $AU36.00 [Ed: Check this as this has not been updated by ARE in many years - it may have changed]
Annual associate fee, under 18 (age             ) $AU22.00
Family rate $AU36.00 for first member, plus $2.00 for each extra member

3. Nominate how much you are about to remit

Membership type I am applying for (Membership / Associate / Family)  
Membership fee $AU
Other amount enclosed for (nominate)

4. Nominate how you wish to pay
Cheques/Money Orders to be made payable to:
Or: please debit my Bankcard, Mastercard, Visacard (delete which ever is not applicable)…

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