Well I have to say congratulations to microsoft for once again letting down the PC Gaming Simulation community. Microsoft have closed ACES Studio - the makers of Flight Simulator what was to be released Train Simulator 2. From what I understand TS2 was in the final stage of development and testing when shelved for the second time. I bet this will make the other three "major" simulator manufacturers happy and give them yet another excuse to continue to not develop their engines further.…

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Last manually operated railway gates in New St Brighton set to vanish
The heritage listed manual railway gates at New St Brighton are said to be slated for removal. The grand plan appears to be that the crossing will be ripped up, the manual gates and the pedestrian gates will be replaced by automatic pedestrian only gates. The crossing set will be rebuilt somewhere else as a static display.
The heritage number is H0269. The heritage entry for the gates is
This view shows the manual pedestrian gates that continue to be in use and handled by the signalman on duty. These gates are interlocked with the signals. When the gates are unlocked the signals in both directions are red. Once locked the signals display green. The signalman at the gates listens to his annunciators that indicate which direction a train is about to arrive from. He then locks the gates and activates the signals.
A view towards the crossing. I had a lot of trouble with the white balance under these lights.
This is a train proceeding through the crossing. Note this isn't a SPAD for you smart arses out there. The signal was green before the train got there!

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RM22 Healesville Line, Return To Regular Revenue Service

On 17 July 2010 RM22 was officially revealed and undertook the first trips of the return of regular passenger services to the Healesville line.…

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