Today is a day for the history books of The Puffing Billy Railway. After 12 years of volunteer and paid labour and around $700K investment Climax 1694 steams again and pulls her first test train. There were a few hiccups as there is with any new rebuild but they were soon sorted. She is the only active 2'6" gauge Climax in the world and only one of five operating Climax locomotives. Built in 1928 she's ready for a renewed and long life on the railway. It was an awesome privilege to chase the train in the non public areas of the railway. Well done to the Puffing Billy Preservation Society and the Emerald Tourist Railway Board for the foresight of funding the gap from that raised by volunteers.


Climax 1694 at Belgrave


Climax 1694 is prepared at Belgrave for a run from Belgrave to Emerald and return.

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