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Great news for Victorian miniature engineering boiler operators.

Worksafe Victoria have approved the exemptions to allow AMBSC boilers to operate in Victoria.  The exemptions apply to all 4 AMBSC Boiler Codes and come into effect in Victoria today.

The exemptions are attached to this article…

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Orv's experimental steam engine

In late 2005 Orval Hill contacted me with some pictures of his creation - he built a working experimental steam engine from an old ride on mower engine using a pressure cooker for a boiler. I was intrigued, projects like this have turned up before, but Orv's is different in that it is so clever, simple, and straight forward that just about anyone could build one. The remainder of this article is Orval's words and pictures - read on, hopefully you'll be spurred onto building one! The article and pictures are © Copyright Orval Hill 2005 All Rights Reserved, used with permission.…

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