Elizabeth Anne Steam Boat

My living is computers in public transport, so I often had occasion to visit Melbourne's main train station Flinders Street which lies alongside the Yarra River. On some of these visits I took note of a small wooden steam boat working the river, but never had the opportunity to take a closer look.

This summer I took my family to Southbank (the name of the complex on, you guessed it, the south bank of the river opposite the station) to find the boat and have a ride.…

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Manson's Steam Navvy

Working Steam Navvy

On a tourist visit to Alcatraz I came across this giant steam powered navvy floating crane helping out with the dockside construction. Being construction workers they were not exactly helpful about letting me get near the crane, and there was no way to talk to the crane driver to get more details...…

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P.S. Hero
Built 1874 at Echuca by G.Linklater. She measured 92' 2''x 17' X6' 5''. She was used as a tow boat as she had very little capacity space, working for a number of riverboat firms towing barges laiden with wool or logs for the local sawmill.

In 1957 the Hero was used to transport a barge load of cattle to higher ground due to flooding. After completing the job her crew left her while the engines were still hot. She caught fire and sank at Boundary Bend (near Swan Hill).…

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Russell Ward Steamboats

Hi, one and all!, Paul has asked that I do a small profile on me and my mechanical marvels and I am happy to oblige. I am 52, married to Marie for 27 years (into injury time surely) and have three daughters aged 21, 18 and 16 none of whom is particularly interested in mechanical things although they can acquit themselves reasonably at the helm or throttle. I am a dentist with three practices and 20 staff and am quite busy. The last three years have been hectic. I am vice president of the Auckland Steam Engine Society Inc.…

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