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Back in 1995 I was looking for information on the WWW, and noticed that there were quite a few good engine sites in the USA, and a couple in England, but nothing in Australia. At that time I decided to fill that niche as best I could.…

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Many of the articles on Steam & Engine are written by people other than me. I'm always very grateful to receive new articles for S&E to keep it alive and interesting for the readers. Steam & Engine is basically a magazine run not for profit. The site operates out of Australia and exists under the protection of the laws of the State of Victoria within the Country of Australia. The © Copyright laws of Australia apply to all material on the site. Note that there may from time to time be "mirrors" of Steam & Engine which are physically held outside Australia, this does not change the above statement.

I have a very simple author policy for articles people write for the site, or for people who submit photos and/or other material.…

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