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Jan 2023

I am very pleased to say that the battle with AUDA has been won after escalating it. The domain name has been confirmed as rightfully mine and that I am eligible to hold it. Steam & Engine of Australia will continue to live and be developed as time permits.

Mar 2020

I've been making an effort to bring the site back because this is its 25th anniversary year and I want to be able to get it finished.

The Stirling Engine category is finished

The Stuff category is finished

Dec 2019

Unfortunately its a bit empty at the moment but that shouldn't last long. After many years of operating on Joomla the site got hacked one too many times and I gave up. I've got backups and will gradually restore the site here on Google Sites. I have the original HTML site and the database from the Joomla version. I'll start with the oldest stuff first because that is easiest. 

In the mean time feel free to visit the Pandora Australia's Web Archive at http://pandora.nla.gov.au/pan/48801/20150915-0306/www.steamengine.com.au/index.html 


I'm always on the look out for more stories, information, and pictures. If you have something, make contact.  You retain copyright and credit is ALWAYS given. 

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