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Lunkenheimer Grease Cups


The sharp struggle for commercial supremacy among other manufacturers of Grease Cups, has been such, in past years, that more attention has been paid to the production of the cheapest article than to the quality of same. The result, however, is only too well known among users of such cheap articles, and we sincerely trust that by this time they fully realize that the installation of a good, practical and durable device will prove the cheapest in the end, and will save considerable time and annoyance.

It is, and has always been, our endeavor to furnish the trade with only the very highest grade of goods, and judging from our large sales and the general satisfaction derived from the use of our products, we have certainly accomplished our aim.

The following pages illustrate and describe our complete line of Grease Cups, among which we feel assured the trade will find exactly what they require, both as to design and adaption to the particular use for which the Grease Cup is desired.

As regards price, we are enabled to suit the requirements of the trade in this respect, but no matter how low the price may be, the quality, workmanship and design of all our Grease Cups are well in keeping with our other high-grade products.

Our Automatic Compression Grease Cups are furnished with a feed regulating device, by means of which the cup is very economical in operation, and one filling can be regulated so as to last a long time.

All parts are well and substantially made, and the cups are guaranteed in every respect. Each and every one is thoroughly tested and inspected before shipment, and perfect satisfaction is warranted.

NOTE:-We are frequently requested to furnish Grease Cups with smaller size pipe threaded shanks than those usually furnished. While we will comply with the requirements, nevertheless, we do not guarantee the cups, as they are liable to break off at the shank. An extra charge will be made for special shanks.

When ordering by telegraph, refer to LUNKENHEIMER CODE on pages 32 to 40

The name LUNKENHEIMER is on every one of our Grease Cups, None genuine without it.


For Engine Crank Pins, journals, Etc. BRASS.

The "Ideal" grease cup is a heavy, highly finished, cast brass, automatic compression cup, suitable for bearings of all kinds. The leather packed plunger is so made that it is easily withdrawn when cup requires refilling. The spring and plunger are conveniently controlled by the handle A, which is provided with an automatic lock arrangement to prevent its jarring from position on stem.


To fill, turn thumbnut A to the right until plunger is drawn to the top of cup; then unscrew cover and fill cup with grease. Replace cover and put pressure on the grease by screwing thumbnut A up to top of stem B.

The rate of feed must be regulated by setscrew H which has a hole through it in line with the slot in the head of same; it may be regulated like a stopcock.

If desired to stop the flow of grease, turn thumbnut A down to cover, thereby taking pressure off grease.


For All Kinds of Machinery Bearings.


The "Lion" grease cup is similar to the "Ideal," excepting that it has a cup leather plunger and screws together at the base instead of at the top.

It is a heavy, highly finished, cast brass, automatic cup, is easy to fill, and is very neat in appearance. Screw M is for the purpose of regulating the feed.


For Bearings, Shaftings, Loose Pulleys, Etc. BRASS.

The "Jewel" Grease Cup was designed to meet the demand for a simple and inexpensive brass automatic cup. The base is made of cast brass, and the top of tubing and spun brass. This cup will be found far superior to iron cups, although the price is about the same. It is provided with a cup leather packed plunger, is of neat design, well made and its lightness makes the cup suitable for use on rapidly moving bearings.


When cup is empty, screw the plunger to top of reservoir, by means of the thumbnut unscrew and take off the reservoir and fill with grease, and, after screwing it back on the base screw the thumbnut up to the top of the plunger so as to put the pressure of the spring on the grease. The base of the cup is provided with a simple feed-regulating screw adjustable to suit any kind of grease.


This cup will be found suitable for many purposes where a screw feed is desired, particularly where it is necessary to force the grease some distance to the parts to be lubricated.

The body of the cup is made very heavy in order to withstand rough usage, and we guarantee it to be a thoroughly substantial article in every way.


Especially designed for automobile steering knuckles, springs and bearings. It is the lightest, neatest and most compact grease cup made, and the capacity of each size is as large as possible.

The spring cap is secured by the bead on the outer surface of the cup, so that it cannot rattle or be shaken off and lost. The position of the handle indicates perfectly just how much grease the cup contains. To remove cap for filling, unscrew until cap springs over bead.

This simple cup is smaller, cleaner, more efficient and far superior in every way to the small oil cups commonly used.


The "Tiger" Plain Brass Grease Cup is a cast brass cup, well adapted for jarring machinery, and is unsurpassed where a simple, compact and efficient plain cup is required. By screwing down cap A, the lubricant is forced to the bearing. The leather washer H prevents the grease from leaking out of cup, and can be easily replaced when worn out. The spring lock arrangement B (the projection E of which engages K at each turn) prevents the cap from jarring off and also cuts and loosens the grease.

Always keep leather washer H well expanded against the thread in cap by screwing up plate C. This plate can be easily tightened or unscrewed by using a pointed tool, inserting it in one of the holes in plate and striking it with a hammer.

These cups are furnished in three styles, viz., Finished Brass, Nickel-plated or Rough. See price list below.

When no style is mentioned, orders will be filled with Finished Brass, same as shown in cut.


The "Gem" Plain Brass Grease Cup was designed to meet the demand for a lowpriced, all-finished brass cup. It is not provided with the spring lock arrangement, as in the "Tiger", but the cup is well made throughout, and will be found superior to iron grease cups.


With Wing Handle on Cap.


To facilitate the operation of Lunkenheimer Plain Brass Grease Cups, we have designed the same with wing handles on the caps, as shown in the illustration above.

The interior construction of the "Positive" Grease Cup is exactly like the "Tiger" illustrated on page 402, and is provided with the improved spring lock arrangement, as shown in sectional view on the above mentioned page.

When ordering. specify whether the cups are wanted finished brass, nickel plated or rough brass. Unless otherwise ordered, finished brass cups will be furnished.


With Wing Handle on Cap


This grease cup is exactly like the "Gem," shown an page 403, excepting that the cap is provided with a wing handle for convenience in operating.

When ordering, specify whether the cups are wanted finished brass, nickel plated or rough brass. Unless otherwise ordered, finished brass cups will be furnished.


This simple and inexpensive Grease Cup will be found equal to the more expensive plain cups, when used for certain purposes. The top is made of spun brass, and, although very light in weight, is quite strong and will not jar off. The base is made of cast brass.


For Bearings, Shaftings, Etc.

The "Apollo" Compression Iron Grease Cup is heavy and is designed for use in all

places where the finish of the cup used is not important. It works well on shafting, pulleys and bearings of all kinds, and will feed in any position. The threaded shank consists of an extra heavy pipe nipple inserted in base of cup.

TO FILL:-Raise plunger by means of handle at top and lock the plunger over top of cup by means of lugs on sides of stem. Remove body, fill with grease, regulate feed by screw in base, replace body and put pressure on grease by unlocking stem lugs from hole in cover.

This cup is very economical in operation, and one filling can be so regulated as to last a long time. Each cup fully guaranteed.


The above cup is made of steel (not cast iron) drawn to shape, is extremely strong and durable, and should last indefinitely. It is well made and for an inexpensive plain grease cup, has no equal.