Oil Pumps

Lunkenheimer Oil Pumps


The "Alpha" Glass Body Oil Pump is intended to be used in connection with sightfeed lubricators on stationary or marine engines. No large engine should be without a cup of this kind as an auxiliary to the sight-feed lubricator.

Great care is exercised in the manufacture of these pumps, and they are tested thoroughly before they leave our factory. We guarantee them to be perfect working cups and first-class in every way.

NOTE:- We can still furnish glasses and cork washers for our old sizes, i. e., numbers one and two. When ordering, be sure to give these numbers. so as to distinguish them from the sizes now made.


This form of oil pump is preferred by some users to the lever pattern, which we have been manufacturing for more than twenty-five years. The "Universal" Hand Oil Pump is made so that it can be attached either vertically or horizontally by transposing plug B and shank A , which are interchangeable. As shown in cut, it is arranged for vertical connection.

The filling hole is closed by a hinged cap, which keeps out dust and dirt, and is also provided with a wire gauze strainer. 'The plunger is well made and very durable. All parts about the pump are heavy, large, well constructed and not liable to get out of order easily. They are well designed and finished, and present a handsome and ornamental appearance. When required, these pumps can be furnished with brass instead of glass body, as shown in cut. In ordering, state size, also whether wanted finished brass or nickel-plated. Unless otherwise specified, all orders will be filled with glass body pumps.

When ordering glasses or cork washers, specify size number of pump as stamped on same.


Realizing the demand for a positive, mechanically operated lubricator, and as the result of considerable study and experimenting to produce a first-class lubricator of this kind, we offer to the trade the pump shown above. This method of lubrication is more reliable than that obtained by lubricators hydrostatically operated, and when properly constructed, the oiling is positive, and all of the oil fed to the pump is bound to be forced to the engine.

Referring to the illustration, it will be seen that the driving mechanism is of the ratchet type and is operated by the pawls P and N that work cooperatively by the motion of the rod J, which can be attached to the eccentric rod, or some other moving part of the engine, by the couplings K and M. The motion thus obtained is transmitted to the piston E by the crankpin and yoke mechanism H and G.

The ratchet wheel D is provided with a handle for operating the pump by hand in case it is desirable to force an extra quantity of oil to the engine.

By moving the part K up or down the rod, the stroke of the pump can be increased or diminished, as desired. The joints of the cup are tight, the sight-feed glass being packed so as to prevent access of air, which would have a tendency to cause the cup to feed after the engine had ceased running. This construction, and the use of cheek valves in the pump, prevent oil supply from wasting.

The outlet C is piped to the steam pipe or chest of the engine, and the spring check valve (shown on opposite page) should be connected as near the end of the pipe as possible.

The bottom of the pump body B is tapped %-inch oolt thread for bolting to a bracket or stand.

The pump is substantially constructed, and the workmanship is first-class. All parts are made to jigs and templets, and any worn piece can be replaced.

The ratchet wheel D, pawls F and N, piston E and crank shaft H are made of hardened tool steel. All other metal parts about the pump are made of a hard bronze composition.

Lunkenheimer Mechanical Oil Pumps have no equal as regards simplicity and positiveness of operation. They are carefully tested before shipment and satisfaction is guaranteed.

These pumps can be furnished either right or left-hand pattern-that is, with ratchet wheel either to the right or left of the body, though the right hand pattern (same as is shown in cut) will be sent unless otherwise ordered.

They are usually supplied with our No. 6 1-pint capacity "Sentinel" Snap Lever Sight-feed cup, Fig. 546. (See page 414.) Unless otherwise specified, they will be sent complete with oil cup.



Lunkenheimer "Imperial" Single-feed Mechanical Oil Pump, with Compression Oil Cup, is especially adapted for traction engines, etc., where heavy oil or a mixture of graphite and oil is used. The body is made entirely of brass and is of heavy construction, suited for rough usage.

The compression cup is similar to our "Lion" Grease Cup described on page 398.

The construction of the pump is the same as that described on pages 360 and 361, but the method of regulating the feed is different, being as follows: loosen thumbnut B and set rider T so as to take up as much of the stroke as required to get the desired feed. By moving the part K up or down the rod, the number of strokes of the pump can be increased or decreased, as desired.

The bottom of the pump body B is tapped 5-8-inch bolt thread for bolting to a bracket or stand.

We can furnish these pumps either right or left hand pattern, that is, with the ratchet wheel either to the right or left of the body. The cut above illustrates the right hand pattern, which will be furnished unless otherwise specified.



The above is extensively used in connection with oiling systems where the oil is fed under pressure and consists of our Mechanical Oil Pump, (described on pages 360 and 361), with a No. 6 Pressure Oil Cup (see pages 416 to 418) attached.

The object of this combination is to provide means for supplying oil to the pump should an accident happen the oiling system.

By referring to the above mentioned pages, a complete description of both the Mechanical Pump and Pressure Oil Cup can be had. I

These pumps can be furnished either right or left hand pattern, that is, with the ratchet wheel either to the right or left of the body. The cut above illustrates the right hand pattern, which will be supplied unless otherwise specified.


Lunkenheimer "Marvel" Double-feed Mechanical Oil Pump is adapted for large tandem or cross compound engines, or any place where a first-class, reliable pump with two independent feeds is required.

The construction of the above is similar to the single feed pump described on pages 360 and 361.

The bottom of the pump body B is tapped 5/8-inch bolt thread for bolting to a bracket or stand.

The oil cup is of a special design with two sight-feeds and two "Sentinel" style feed regulating stems, so that the quantity of oil supplied to each feed may be regulated independently.

The filling hole T is of large area, and is fitted with a strainer and hinge cap.

The pumps can be furnished either right or left hand pattern, that is, with the ratchet either to the right or left of the body. The cut above illustrates the right hand pattern, which will be furnished unless otherwise specified.


For Automobiles.

These simple and attractive hand pumps will be found useful for many purposes, especially in automobile work. The air pump is used for creating an air pressure in the main gasoline tank to force its contents to an auxiliary tank or direct to the car- buretor, also for forcing the lubricating oil in the auxiliary oil tank to the mechanical lubricator.

The oil pump is especially convenient for drawing oil from the lubricator or oil tank and forcing it into the crank case.

Where both pumps are desired, the combination device is an exceedingly neat and compact arrangement.

These pumps can be placed wherever convenient, but are usually mounted on the dash or on the heel board.

The connections at the back are regularly made long enough for a dash board not over 7/8 inch in thickness. If shorter connections are wanted, give thickness of board to which they are to be attached.

The union on the air pump is for brazing to 1/4 inch 0. D. tubing. The oil pump unions are for 3/8 inch 0. D. tubing. We can also furnish connections for flared tubing unions as shown on page 287. Unless otherwise ordered, brazing unions will always be furnished.

These pumps are made in two lengths as listed below, but pumps of any length can be furnished at special prices.


For Gasoline Automobiles.

The proper lubrication of cylinders, etc., is undoubtedly one of the hardest propositions manufacturers and users of automobiles have to contend with. Thoroughly appreciating this fact, we have made an exhaustive study of automobiles, carefully considering every minor detail pertaining to lubrication, and by close observation and constant experimenting, we have been enabled to place on the market a device which fulfills in every respect all of the requirements of the trade.

Owing to the fact that we make quite a large variety of these lubricators, it is impossible for us to illustrate and describe in detail all of the different types of construction. However, we would be pleased to furnish copies of our Automobile Mechanical Lubricator booklets (which give complete description and directions for operating) to any one interested. We illustrate herewith four types of lubricators, and would be pleased to furnish full information and prices of any particular design desired, and earnestly solicit correspondence on the subject.

When ordering by telegraph, refer to LUNKENHEIMER CODE on Pages 32 to 40. All genuine Mechanical Lubricators have the name Lunkenheimer on the body.