Water Injector

The text and images on this page are from the 1908 Lunkenheimer Catalog(ue).


For Boilers of Stationary, Portable or Traction Engines, Steamboats, Etc,

The Lunkenheimer Automatic Injector is a simple, durable and efficient boiler. feeder, not liable to get out of order, and is fully guaranteed in every particular It is warranted to give in actual service as good, if not better, results than are herein claimed for it.

We do not hold that these results are phenomenal as compared with the claims Of others, but we do confidently assert that our machines will, in actual service, substantiate all our statements. The Lunkenheimer Automatic Injector will satisfy the most exacting engineer, as it will be found in practice to be reliably automatic under all ordinary conditions, to have full capacity under higher steam pressures than others, to be unaffected to any extent by varying steam pressures, and the maximum amount of water delivered is capable of being graded over 50 per cent.

CAPACITY.-The table of capacities has been taken from actual working tests and is not "estimated." Allowances have been made for contingencies, and if a new Lunkenheimer Injector is properly attached to a boiler and does not fulfill our guarantee, the user is at liberty to return it to us at our expense. We state plainly herein that all tests are made on a 5-feet lift, with steam pressure at 75, 85 and 95 pounds and feed water at 75 degrees F. We believe that these conditions are more severe than those under which other manufacturers test machines of this kind.

DURABILITY.-The Lunkenheimer Automatic Injector is very durable because all parts are of good proportions. The machine is made entirely of brass and the tubes of a special hard bronze composition made expressly for the purpose. Owing to the construction of the tubes, the arrangement of the spill holes will not diminish the durability of the machine, as is the case with other injectors of the automatic type. Another improved feature is, that the interior areas of the tubes are smaller than others for capacities claimed to be equal; hence the tubes of our injector will not wear out of size as rapidly as others. Every part about the injector is interchangeable, and new parts can be supplied to replace worn ones at slight expense.

EFFICIENCY.-An impartial test will clearly show that the Lunkenheimer Injector excels in this particular. The range of work covered is very wide, as shown in table herein, and it can be graded over 50 per cent under all ordinary conditions. Our Injector will deliver more water per pound of steam than any other, which means a saving in fuel. While the capacity of all injectors is diminished by long lifts and hot feed water, the capacity of the Lunkenheimer is less affected by such causes than any other makes.

AUTOMATIC.-The Lunkenheimer Injector is absolutely automatic at all times, and can be relied upon to restart instantly after a temporary interruption of either the Steam or water supply, DESIGN.-The exterior appearance of the machine is very handsome, as the brass body is wire brushed and the trimmings bright finished. All unions have ground joints and will come tight easily. The Lunkenheimer machine again differs from other injectors of the automatic type, inasmuch as the internal areas of the body are made larger than usual, which accounts for, in a large degree, the excellent working of the machine. The general construction of the body is very heavy and rigid, so that same cannot be sprung by the strain put upon it by the connecting pipes.

Attention is directed to the careful design exhibited in the sectional view. The areas of the body are ample and the tubes are held securely in Place, but can be readily taken out for examination or repair. All parts are made on the interchangeable plan and can be easily renewed when worn.

All injectors are carefully tested before shipment, and besides being required to deliver their rated capacities, they must also be perfect in other respects. They will operate under the following range of steam pressures and lifts with the feed water at 75 degrees F.:Lifts 2 to 4 feet, at steam pressures from 20 to 160 Ibs. Lifts 4 to8 feet, at steam pressures from 30 to 160 Ibs.Lifts 8 to 12 feet, at steam pressures from 40 to 140 Ibs. Lifts 12 to 16 feet, at steam pressures from 45 to 100 Ibs.Lifts 16 to 18 feet, at steam pressures from 50 to 90 Ibs. Lifts 18 to 20 feet, at steam pressures from 55 to80 lbs.

With steam pressures from 60 to 100 Ibs. and feed water at 75 degrees F., the capacity of this injector can be graded over 50 per cent. Please bear in mind that the above table is based on using feed water at 75 degrees F. With cold water much better results can be secured on many points of working. When lifting five feet this injector will handle hot water under the following conditions:Feed water 100 degrees F., at steam pressures from 20 to 130 Ibs.Feed water 110 degrees F., at steam pressures from 25 to 115 Ibs.Feed water 120 degrees F., at steam pressures from 30 to95 Ibs.Feed water 125 degrees P., at steam pressures from 35 to90 lbs.

How to connect the injector.

This cut will give a general idea of the proper method of connecting a Lunkenheimer Automatic Injector to the boiler With each machine is sent a direction card, which should be read carefully by the user.

A new Lunkenheimer Automatic Injector, if properly connected, will show in service all that is claimed for it herein. Where injectors are ordered by the size of pipe connections, we always ship the size having largest capacity.

A Pipe to boiler

B Water to boiler shutoff valve

C One way check valve (allows water into boiler, but not out)

D Overflow pipe to ground (waste) or tank

E Overflow collection cup

F Water supply pipe into injector

G Water supply shut off valve

H Water supply from main (optional)

J Water supply from main shut off valve (optional)

K Steam supply from boiler

L Steam shut off valve

M The Lunkenheimer Injector