Melbourne Steam Traction Engine Club

Inside National Steam Centre, Scoresby, Melbourne

Melbourne Steam Traction Engine Club is usually open the last Sunday of every month with a selection of equipment operating. On the Labour Day long weekend in March they pull out all the stops and have as much of their equipment out of the sheds and operating. This weekend was no exception there was so much going on and so many assets under power. MSTEC is entirely volunteer operated and there are both club owned and private assets to be seen. Exhibits range from a rideable train, through the giant Rapier Drag line through the engines and steam equipment from a steam tug boat through to of course the magnificent traction engines and up the back the horses and giant earthmoving machinery. This is their open weekend and I went along today, not having visited for a while thanks to Covid. It was great to see how much the National Steam Centre operated by the club has progressed. Quite a few people I know volunteer with the club and they are always pushing me to join in but so little time so much already to do. Get in there and visit, last day of the open day is tomorrow (14/03/22).